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How to move around the tool, what icons do what functions

→ navigate to the WELCOME screen from the browsing page
→ show or hide vertical MENU
→ save FAVOURITE product cards
→ SEARCH AND FILTER results according to needs
→ EMAIL product card to your own mailbox or another's
→ DOWNLOAD chosen product card in PDF format
Contact Us

How to be redirected to the website’s enquiry email platform

Direct queries to this address.

Your Account

Why you need to register and what benefits it carries

When you register, you have access to additional functionalities such as:

  • FAVOURITE (save chosen product cards for later viewing)
  • SHARE (share to own mailbox or another’s)
Reset Password

How to reset your password

Click on 'Forgot Password?' and a link will be sent to the email address you provide. Follow prompts in the email to reset password.

Saving/Exporting Content

How to send/share/save content

Click on to save the product cards you like.

Click on to SHARE content to an mail address.

Legal Information

Legal information can be found here.